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Toms Womens Classics Neon Coral Crochet Casual Shoes October 29 2015

Boo!! Yes, it’s that scare-rific time of the year again – Where ghouls and goblins have the license to go rummaging around; where witches and warlocks work their sneaky black magic; where the night is filled with chaotic fun for children and a wicked party for adults.

But this season of playful frights doesn’t have to include fashion. We can still look boo-tiful and fright-tastic while enjoying the evening surprises. Here’s a pair of deviously stylish shoes that promise hours of sheer comfort.

These candy-licious footwear are so pleasing to the eyes with a bright pop of neon coral; you’ll fabulously stand out more than any pumpkin turn jack-o-lantern.  Its unique crocheted design is the right amount of elegance. They’re so soft to touch but are uber sturdy. So if you’re going to run around chasing adorable little monsters around the neighborhood or hopping from party to party, these are the best fit for your holiday agenda.

Dressing up this Halloween doesn’t have to be ghastly and tricky; it can be just a delightful treat! Go and click: and be spook-tacular!


Conquer A Corn Maze This Fall October 26 2015


When the temperature drops and the Holidays start to come around, we are not as inclined to get outdoors and work out. However, you would be surprised to know that there are plenty of things to do outdoors at this time of the year!

First things first, put on your favorite pair of tennis shoes.

Secondly, decide on what outdoor activity you'd like to partake. Here's a list of activities to choose from:

-Corn Maze

-Zombie Hunting

-Apple Picking

-Bike Riding

-Pumpkin Patch Picking

and more.

What types of things do you enjoy doing during the Holidays?


Nike Women's Free 5.0 v4 Printed Running Shoes October 12 2015


Are you looking for a shoe that is lightweight, durable, fit and fashionable? Well these are four things the Nike Women's Free 5.0 v4 Printed White/Silver Running Shoes is all about. The shoe has been made with a mesh on the upper and no-sew overlays for ventilation and lightweight comfort. Its
Phylite midsole and deep flex grooves is what gives the shoe an excellent impact protection and a natural feel. Also, its no-sew overlays provides support and durability without added weight. Not forgetting its outer rubber sole provides it durability and traction.

Its deep flex grooves gives it a natural and barefoot- like ride giving you the needed support when running. Not forgetting the silver look and prints giving it an oomph and making it fashionable ensuring that you still look good even when running or spending time on the tracks.

So what you waiting for grab yourself some nike women's free 5.0 v4 and experience running like never before.

Vibram Fivefingers Women’s Sprint Gray/Blue Shoes W1156 October 06 2015



Comfort & Style — two things we all look for in any pair of footwear; features that normally don’t go together and when they do, it’s a rare find.

Vibram Fivefingers presents us with Women’s Sprint minimalist shoes, the perfect marriage of protection and freedom of movement.


Nothing’s more comfortable than walking barefoot, sadly we can only safely do so indoors. But what if there’s a way to be as free and light outdoors? Sounds ah!-mazing right?



Vibram Fivefingers Women’s Sprint Shoes give us just that. So-called foot gloves that are designed to hug your feet just right but still provide sturdy support.

We also definitely want to look stylish, these ladies come in a cool soothing gray color finished with little waves of striking blue.

So whether you’re on a nice stroll for some iced coffee, a quick dash to the store or running miles to burn naughty calories, the Vibram Fivefingers Women’s Sprint Gray/Blue Shoes W1156 are essentials for your foot arsenal.

Nike Men's Free Trainer 5.0 White_Black Training Shoes September 07 2015

Training shoes are specifically designed to improve performance in a multi-faceted way. If you are looking to cross-train as well as have a pair of shoes for leisurely activities, the Nike Men's Free Trainer 5.0 are the shoes that will do the job. 

Let's face it, you are not just looking for any shoe. You are looking for a shoe that is ultra-lightweight to support a gait and to enhance your productivity. 

You are also looking for Athleisure--the ability to wear athletic shoes for leisurely activities such as running errands. Make running errands more fun by wearing attractive sneakers.

C'mon, you know you want to.

Shop Sneaker Kingdom today and save 20% off with Promo Code: Sneakerkingdom20

Labor Day Sales September 07 2015

Thank you all for being loyal fans. We want to thank you by giving you 20% off with Promo Code SneakerKingdom20!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Labor Day from Sneaker Kingdom.


Snap! Tackle! Pop! On Sunday Funday August 30 2015

Sunday Football isn't just about watching your favorite team play. It is about spending time with friends and family and being excited to root your favorite team on and eating a bunch of junk food. You don't want to be the last man standing, you want to feel a part of the community that cheers and screams at the TV or at the live event.

Have you ever been to a live football practice? Snap! Tackle! Pop! are some of the things you might see and hear. Aspiring players take part in training drills and hope to be selected for the games.

We have some of the best cleats in the industry to help deliver your "A" performance.

Not a Dolphins Fan? That's okay, we have plenty more cleats to choose from.



How many shoes is healthy to own? August 27 2015

Photo Credit: Ellyidol

So, here's the big question that some of you have been asking. How many pairs of shoes is healthy to own before being considered a shoe pack rat? This is a great question but, the real question should be how many shoes do you keep in your closet that you just do not wear? Think about it for a second. You may have a closet full of shoes and you are only wearing about 1/3 of the shoes. Why? 

A survey conducted by, displays that 64% of the population doesn't wear the 1/3 of the shoes in the closet because they are too uncomfortable. Maybe the shoes are too tight on the feet. 55% of the population says the shoes are hard to match with an outfit while 44% of the population says that they are scared to damage the shoes because they were too expensive. Maybe you were given them as a gift or you just didn't like them.

It's time to streamline your shoe wardrobe. Find shoes that you love and that you wear. So when you are analyzing your closet, it's not so much about the # of shoes you have but, about the # of shoes that you wear.


How To Keep On Track With Athletic Footwear August 21 2015

So you're here because you want to learn techniques on how to keep on track and stick to your goals. Fitness and athleticism never go out of style but, how do you stay motivated?

When you buy athletic footwear that is right for you, it inspires you to do better and be better. What about doing the things you don't always enjoy like running errands? Athleisure is a new trend in which people wear athletic footwear outside of the gym to run errands. People are looking for fashionable athletic footwear that inspires, motivates, and that keeps you on track.


 Some of the positive qualities people look for in athleisure is:




-Lightweight Traction

-Attached tongue for easy access and to help cushion lace pressure

-Minimal sockliner molded to foot's curvature for additional support and comfort

 Always authentic and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Marathon-Ready Status August 18 2015

When it comes to being marathon ready, it's important for you to get laced up properly. For a long-distance race, you will need durability and cushioning. When you get your pair of shoes, you should practice running in them prior to the big day. An added layer of comfort will go a long way.

When you are working up a sweat during your marathon, you may want a lighter running shoe such as the Nike Flyknit. The Flyknit running technology provides for a more comfortable running experience especially on your quest to earn that finisher's medal.

If you are looking to achieve profound success, you will need to gradually increase the mileage. A lighter weight shoe may help reduce foot fatigue and allow you to be more responsive and increase stride efficiency. 

Also, as the summer is nearing an end... feel inspired to take your lightweight shoes to the beach.

You won't regret it. 


Live, Love, Explore Hiking August 16 2015

The summer is nearing an end and avid hikers are making a run for it up the treacherous mountains to explore. You wanted to explore hiking whether beginners or immediate for quite some time and you have finally built up the courage to but, before, you make that decision, are you fully equipped with the proper hiking shoes? Do you have the right soles on the shoes? It can be dangerous when you do not have the right tread on the bottom of your shoes where you are more prone to slip and fall. It's important to make sure you have quality hiking shoes made to last.



These hiking boots are taller and are designed to carry heavier loads on multiple day trips deep into the backcountry. The high cut wraps around the ankles for support and stability. Also, if you are carrying a heavy load, these provide the comfort and stability you need to carry on. Our shoes are always authentic guaranteed. Save 20% with SneakerKingdom20 Promo Code!

How You Can Effortlessly Skate Better August 13 2015

You may have fell off of your skateboard too many times to realize that you need a good pair of Skateboard shoes or you may realize that a good pair of shoes will help you feel the board better while doing tricks. Whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place. On display, we have Supra Lil Wayne Falcon Skateboard shoes which have additional padding around the heel collar to help hold onto your foot and to provide stability and comfort. The side panels on the Supra helps you perform your ollies and laces while you ollie.

 Supra Lil Wayne Falcon Red Stars Leather Fashion Skateboard Running Men's Shoes

 The color red exudes a strong energy when worn and the leather quality is meant to last. So, if you still aren't convinced that skateboarding shoes help you skate better just understand that normal shoes will crumble under the wear and tear of skateboarding and you will need a good pair. Supra Lil Wayne has durability, quality, and lace protection and we offer a 20% discount with the promo code: Sneakerkingdom20. So, what are you waiting for?

Start Smart At This Back To School Time August 06 2015

Are you on track for school success? Don't miss our sales on Back-To-School Merchandise! Save 20% with Promo Code: Sneakerkingdom20. We have a 60 day return policy and all merchandise is 100% authentic guaranteed.

Back To School Sales @ Sneaker Kingdom August 06 2015


Make the end of August a better moment and buy yourself some fresh merchandise to dress to impress. Sneaker Kingdom is your Back to School Staple for Shoes to fit your style. We have football cleats and basketball shoes to increase your performance & heighten your game as well, vibrant shoe colors that are eye-catching. Free shipping on ALL US Orders & a 60-day return policy. 

Step Into The Greatest Running Technologies August 01 2015


The scenery is too breathtaking to miss out on this Summer especially in certain states and environments. More people are looking to get outdoors to explore the trees, hills, mountains, and greenery all around them. Not to mention the gorgeous skies, oceans, and lakes.

As you get active, you want a shoe that can last and that can support all the fun activities that come forth whether you are running or hiking or playing some type of sport. As much as we want to feel comfort in our shoes, we want our shoes to be vibrant colors to stick out to others for a variety of reasons. One reason to touch base on would be so that as you run or play in these environments, you are able to be seen from a mile away for safety reasons. Let's say you are running on a busy street that goes uphill (thinking cardio) and you want drivers to see all of the gear you are wearing from your colorful shirt to your shorts to your shoes. You want to be prepared and cautious in the many different environments you choose to involve yourself in. It's summer and you want to have fun but, be careful while doing so.

All of our merchandise is 100% authentic and we offer a 60-day return policy. 

Own The Court With Jordan Five Retro Bel Air Men's Basketball Shoes July 29 2015

There are many concepts that are brought to the game of basketball some including zone defense, special passes, jab steps, jump stops, and more. There are critical steps to master to make you and your team better. Basketball being a team sport, it's important that all athletes are fully equipped for the game. The things that make Jordan Five Retro Bel Air such a unique shoe serve as a leaguewide harbinger of what’s to come. The Jordan Five Retro Bel Air Men's Grey/Viola Purple Basketball Shoes are not only a popular pick, they serve a purpose. Jordan celebrates the 90's and these cool kicks were inspired by the Fresh Prince of "Bel Air." Also, applauded for comfort on the court. They help you jump higher and help you prevent yourself from spraining/breaking/twisting your ankle. The soles provide great grip and stability to help you excel in the moment.

This shoe is a limited edition release to add to your collection. Always authentic 100% guaranteed. We offer 20% off with Promo Code: Sneakerkingdom20 as well as a 60-day return policy!

Save 20% This Weekend July 24 2015

 Whether your favorite activities are basketball, baseball, football, or soccer, we have the gear to suit your needs. The summer weather is gorgeous and it's time to get outdoors. Grab your brightest pair and head out for a brisk walk or trail hike. Take your workout attire into high gear with some of our running and athletic-wear technologies. In order to move forward, it's imperative to know your foot type as well as your needs. When you know these factors, you are able to buy the right shoes. For example, a marathon runner has different needs from someone who does casual walking.

Shop today & save 20% with Promo Code: Sneakerkingdom20. Always free USA shipping with a 60 day return policy.

Your Greatest Run Ever July 22 2015


The first question to ask yourself when you are looking for quality running shoes is to ask: "What running shoes would work for me?" Each shoe may fit and ride differently and you need to be able to weave through the perfect fit shoe for you. Every brand has different styles and shoes that feel and work differently and it's important to find the right shoe that fits your arch height, foot curve, and toe length.

Don't go in it blindly. Once you have owned a specific pair of shoes from a brand you love, another with the same last will feel right too! So, finding the right shoes for you may feel like an ongoing challenge and you will need to experiment to find what works.

Also, as your fitness and running characteristics change, you may need to change your footwear too to eliminate pain or unease. This is why it is so important to do the research needed to find what's right for you. Sneaker Kingdom carries a plethora of brand names and quality shoes that may work for you.

Always authentic and we have a 60 day return policy!





Prepare Yourself For Preseason July 18 2015

Preseason basketball and football are about to start and many athletes are looking to play in style and comfort. With so many different styles and colors, Sneaker Kingdom may have just what you are looking for.

Our shoes are perfectly crafted with a wide range of running technologies, shoe constructions, and designs for the gear that's best for your course ahead. As you are out and about, you will need shoes that can keep up with you. Better yet, you will need shoes that boost your performance and ignites your fullest potential.

Ladies, we have some amazing gear for you too as you look to increase your competitive edge.We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from and all our merchandise is 100% authentic guaranteed! You won't want to miss all of these amazing deals! Shop today!

Authentic New Era Hats July 14 2015

Hot New Era Collection

 New Era makes some of the most popular hats in the world that are uniquely designed for Baseball Players in the Major League Baseball Games as well as yourself. New Era has been adapting since it opened in 1920. The company made its first baseball caps in 1932 and two years later won its first contract with the Cleveland Indians. You are not just purchasing a "hat", you are supporting your favorite team in style. Another iconic line is 59Fifty Model released in 1954 and almost all professional league teams are wearing this model which, is why it is no surprise why this collection is so sought-after. 

The baseball players have enormous influence on the marketplace and the Yankees cap has been one of the most desired styles. Fun fact: there are over 2,000 stitches in the logo and the Florida Marlins has over 10,000 stitches. Talk about unique and complex all rolled into one. Support Your Favorite Team Today!

All our merchandise is 100% authentic guaranteed! 

Breakthrough Basketball Equipment July 11 2015

Are you looking for ways to improve your defensive speed, quickness, and agility? We have the right gear for you here at Sneaker Kingdom.

There are many drills to perform when playing basketball such as Defense Reaction, Ray Allen Shooting, Two Ball Dribbling, Chair Changes, Two Up & Two Back, Backboard Taps, Chair Pivot drills and more. Now, we all know you have to have the right gear to perform to your fullest potential. 

No matter what position you play on the court, you should be fully equipped to move efficiently and with ease. Each drill requires a lot of effort, practice and your shoes should not wear you down on the court. 

To start, practice this defense reaction drill:


1. Sprint to half court.

2. Defensive slide diagonally towards the sideline

3. When you reach the baseline, swing your inside foot back (defensive drop step) and slide back towards the hoop.

On a scale of 1-10, how efficient were you? If you feel like you need improvement, you may want to buy our breakthrough basketball gear to help you excel in your next big game! Just do it! Save 20% at checkout with Promo Code: Sneakerkingdom20

Crunch Time As Preseason Begins July 07 2015

            Nike Men's Alpha Pro D Red/Black Football Cleats

It's crunch time before pre-season begins to find the right football gear. Play your football games in style and comfort with these Nike Alpha Pro D Football Cleats! The cleats fit true to their size, so you won’t have to worry about sizing up or down to accommodate your footwear needs. The mesh in the upper part of the shoe is treated work in both wet and dry weather conditions, the midsole and outsole are fitted to cushion and be flexible while also durable, and the lacing is made to secure the shoes and keep them on your feet. Step up your game with these awesome cleats from Nike. All our merchandise is 100% authentic guaranteed!

We have other cleats to look at as well, just click here. 



July 2015 Sales July 02 2015

The fireworks are ready to be launched and the sales are rolling in here at Sneaker Kingdom. Don't miss these dynamite deals on all of our merchandise. We have everything from basketball shoes to hats and beanies! You will discover the easy way to shop online at our site to find the best athletic gear that is catered to your needs. 

Be in the moment with friends and family this holiday! Don't go out in crowded stores when you could be shopping online with ease. Leverage the multitude of savings you will receive when you shop today at Sneaker Kingdom. We assure you that you will be happy with your purchase or you have up to 60 days to complete a return--no questions asked. It's as easy as that.

Enjoy the Holiday and the amazing Summer sun! 

             Happy 4th with Nike Hyperdunk 12 Men's University Red/Blue Basketball                              Trainers Shoes 624934 600



Nike Barkley Posite Max "76ers" Mens Energy Blue Basketball Shoes



Get Your Run On! June 29 2015

With one of our best sellers. . . 


Nike Men's Air Max 90 OG White/Cool Gray/Infrared Running Shoes

Remember the past years of Nike with the 25th anniversary edition of the Nike Air Max 90 OG? These running shoes bring back memories with the retro style look and the old school coloration, designed to look like the original shoes. The Air Max technology and the leather/mesh combination create a comfort that allows the shoes to be breathable and light, as well as create maximum impact protection.

The shoes tend to fit to their intended sizes, so that you can buy the size that you need. It’s such a classic that customers highly recommend it and many will buy multiple pairs because of their style and comfortable fit. Not only is it great as a running shoe, but many customers say that it works well for casual wear too. Its initial re-release in May this year was long awaited by many and proved to be worthwhile in the end.

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